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New Commercial Roofing Products 2020 Edition

Wow! What a year. Covid-19 has almost successfully erased this year as far as life as we knew it but in all the turmoil new and exciting commercial and industrial roofing products have been released. Two of which I am going to cover here today.

-Colored TPO roofing- so there has been white and gray TPO for a while- but forest green, burgundy, sand and other colors have now been released which can really make a difference if you can see your commercial roof from the ground. Churches and other buildings with old, worn-out metal roofs that are street visible can now have a color coordinated roof and retain curb-appeal without breaking the bank! Before laying a stark white TPO roof had excellent performance but the added appeal to your building just wasn't there. Now, you don't have to compromise.

-Adhesives-OMG- it's cold, you need a new commercial flat roof, you need it fully adhered BUT..... manufacture specs you can't lay that roof in under 40 degrees! What is a roofer to do? Well, OMG is here to save the day with their temperature optimized adhesive options, you can now apply OlyBond500 year-round! Winter Grade OlyBond500 is now available! This means that during the coldest winter months, contractors have a choice between OlyBond500 cartridges, bag-in-box or drums when it comes to installing insulation. Thank you OMG!

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